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Car Mechanic Tycoon Script – Money Item, Auto Farm

Car Mechanic Tycoon Script: In today’s post I will show you a cool script for Car Mechanic Tycoon! Enjoy the script. The new script for Car Mechanic Tycoon has a simple interface and one function, Money Auto Farm. How does it function? Initially, you must buy a tool table, then activate the function and begin Auto Farming,

which will gain you $10 regularly, as you can see from the screenshot. More than two months ago, the Car Mechanic Tycoon game was released. If you enjoy playing this game, you should download this script to make money faster.


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Free Download Car Mechanic Tycoon Script – Money Auto Farm

Create your own Roblox Car Mechanic Tycoon Script, drive the Scenic Track, and help repair Customers’ Cars! A big update will be available when we reach 10,000 likes! Mechanic clothes are now available in the group store!

Car Mechanic Tycoon. Cool and new script. This script has features like Auto Farm and Auto Buy Player Modifications.

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