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Grand Pirates Trello Link 2023, Guide, Codes & Wiki (Devil Fruits & Swords)

Discover the Path to Greatness in Grand Pirates! Unlock the 2023 Trello Link, Guide, Codes, and Wiki for Unleashing Devil Fruits & Swords

Grand Pirates Trello is a game resource with mechanics, lore, item locations, and enemy strategies. Loved by 56K+ players, it’s an adventure game with treasure hunts, islands, bandits, fruits, and codes. Explore and solve puzzles with this gift.

Grand Pirates Trello & Wiki combines project management and game knowledge. Organize tasks, track progress, and access detailed information in one place. Enhance your Grand Pirates experience with this valuable tool.

What are the Devil fruits?

Devil Fruits are rare and powerful fruits that grant superhuman abilities but cause the eater to lose their ability to swim. They come in three types: Logia, Zoan, and Paramecia. They are highly sought after by pirates and others. Obtaining a Devil Fruit can be done by purchasing it with Robux, 500k peli, or finding it every 1-2 hours.

What are Logia devil fruits?

Logia is the rarest of the three Devil Fruit types. It grants the power to transform the body into a natural element and control it. The term was coined when Raki learned about Enel’s abilities.

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Describing The Grand Pirates Trello GamePlay

Are you in need of help with playing the Grand Pirates game? Look no further, as we have all the information and instructions you require to master the gameplay.

Level-Up Guide:

Grand Pirates Trello - GameBou
Grand Pirates Trello – GameBou

Leveling up in Grand Pirates is based on the map.

  • Initially, you should be at the starter island.
  • After that, find ‘Luffies’ and ask them for bandits.
  • Once you are at the right level, find and fight with the swordsmen.
  • Later, you should go for bosses since they provide accessories, including buffs.
  • Don’t forget to battle with the bandit leader since it will give you a necklace, ultimately giving you a 4% regeneration.
  • You can claim the Katana from the seller upon accumulating and giving him thousands of money.
  • Also, you can buy Devil fruits for50,0000 gold on the islands.

Note: In order to progress to the next island, you need to achieve level 40. By engaging in battles against adversaries from various islands, you’ll gain access to enhanced equipment and unlock additional islands.

Settings Guide:

Below are several game-setting guidelines for Grand Pirates that will assist you during gameplay.

  • On the bottom-left, you will find the ‘Menu’ option. Clicking on it will pop the ‘Settings’ tab in the top-left.
  • In the Settings tab, you will find Low Mode and Shake options. So, you can adjust them per your choice. Also, you can redeem the codes by pasting them in the box provided below these two options.
  • Next to the Settings tab is the ‘Inventory’ where the swords and other equipment are stored.
  • You will find the ‘Stats’ after the Inventory tab consisting of your points and items.
  • ‘Shop’ falls next to the Stats option, where you can purchase items per need.
  • The last tab is of ‘Fruit Bag’ consisting of different exciting and different game fruits like Legendary, Common, Rare, and Mythical.
  • You can choose and update your character profile from the ‘Menu’ tab.
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Game Control Tabs:

Below are several crucial controls to manage your character in Roblox Grand Pirates Trello.

  • Ctrl– Run
  • H– Conqueror Haki
  • Spacebar (2 times)– Geppo
  • Shift– Camera Lock
  • M– Menu
  • J– Buso Haki

Grand Pirates Trello Link

If you’re searching for the Grand Pirates Trello link, we’ve got you covered. Just below, you’ll find the link to the Grand Pirates Trello page. By visiting this page, you’ll gain access to information about Devil Fruits, Swords, and various other aspects of the game. Get The Grand Pirates Trello Game.

Grand Pirates codes for May 2023

Last checked: May 25, 2023

Latest Grand Pirates Codes:

  • SecondSea – Reset Stats (NEW)
  • 12.5MVisits – Reset Stats
  • 50KLikesSorry – 120 Minutes Double Peli
  • 60KFavorites – Double XP boost for 60 Minutes
  • 8.5MVisits – Reset Stats
  • GearFourth – Reset Stats
  • 30KLikes – Reset Stats
  • 20KLikes – Reset Stats
  • 1KDislikes – Remove a Devil Fruit
  • 2MVisits – Devil Fruit Notifier 60 Minutes
  • 20KFavorites – Double Peli for 60 Minutes
  • 1.5MVisits – Devil Fruit Notifier for 60 Minutes
  • 10KLikes – Reset Stats
  • 1MVisits – Reset Stats
  • 10KFavorites – Double Peli for 60 Minutes
  • 5KLikes – Reset Stats
  • 500KVisits – Remove Devil Fruit
  • SuspiciousAction – Devil Fruit Notifier for 60 Minutes
  • 100KVisits – Reset Stats
  • 4KLikes – g2x Peli for 30 minutes
  • 3KLikes – Devil Fruit Notifier for 60 minutes
  • 2KLikes – 2x XP for 30 Minutes
  • 1KLikes – Reset Stats
  • SorryForBugs – 10,000 Peli
  • Released – 10,000 Peli

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Grand Pirates Fruits Tier List

Below is the list of mentioned Grand Pirates Fruits Tier:

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Common Fruits

  • Suke
  • Chop
  • Kilo
  • Spike

Rare Fruits

  • Barrier
  • Bomb
  • Paw

Legendary Fruits

  • Ice
  • Mera

Mythical Fruits

  • Light

Grand Pirates Tier List

  • Suke
  • Chop
  • Kilo
  • Spike
  • Barrier
  • Bomb
  • Ice
  • Mera
  • Light

Grand Pirates Swords

  • 1SS
  • 2SS’
  • 3SS
  • Cutless
  • White Blade
  • Dark Blade

Game Map 

Game Map Grand Pirates Trello - GameBou
Game Map Grand Pirates Trello – GameBou

Codes Wiki

  • 5KLikes – Reset Stats
  • 500KVisits – Remove Devil Fruit
  • 4KLikes – Double Peli 30 Minutes
  • 100KVisits – Reset Stats
  • SuspiciousAction – Devil Fruit Notifier 60 Minutes
  • 100KVisits – Devil Fruit Notifier 60 Minutes

That’s it for this Grand Pirates Trello & Wiki (UPDATED)

The Final Words

In this blog post, you will find comprehensive information about Grand Pirates, covering everything from gameplay mechanics to the latest active codes. Explore further insights into the world of Grand Pirates by reading this article.

What is your comment on this blog? You can ask any doubt about this game or article in the comment section.

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