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Lydian Spoofer Free Latest Version PERMANENT HWID

Lydian Spoofer Free Latest Version: Do you want to play games that have been banned for cheating? Our spoofing programs enable you to circumvent Shedban and HWID bans! You can play games that have been permanently banned without any secrets or new bans with our spoofers. You can rely on our spoofer to remove Shedban and HWID bans from your system. It has been tested and is searchable. It works on Warzone, Five M, Cold War, and Apex, among others.

How To Use Premium Spoofer: (instant unban)

1) I prefer reinstalling Windows

2) valorant is important to be deleted

3) turn off secure boot

4) delete and disable all antivirus and VPN

5) spoof run as admin ofc

6) flash bios

7) spoof again

9) download valorant and play

 or you can use the one below.

HARD TO USE Lydian Spoofer

  • You will need to reinstall windows.
  • Step#1  Deleting all Valorant Files:
    • – Uninstall Valorant and Riot Vanguard
    • – Delete all Valorant files
  • Step 2# Change volumeid of Your drivers

Put the files (3) in ur c:/ driver

Type cmd in the windows search bar and start it as admin. Then type cd c:/ in CMD

After this, u have to change all drivers u have on ur PC. I only have c:/ and d:/

To see IDs of ur driver type in CMD: vol c:/ or vol d:/, vol f:/ whatever Your driver is named.

To change the ID type in CMD: volume c: and type an ID like Your old one but change some numbers. For example, My ID of d:/ was 4421-AAE1 and I changed it to 5512-EA52 (use numbers from 1-5 and letters from A-F)

  • Step 3# Change Mac-Adress
    • Open device-manager -> Network Adapter -> The first one -> Right click (properties) -> Advanced -> Down to network adress or lan address
  • change it to something random.
  • Now open CMD again and type: ipconfig /release
  • and after this type ipconfig /renew

Step 4# Prepare ur USB-Stick for the flash of ur baseboard number (BS) and serial number (UUID)
This is the hardest part.
Since it’s different for everyone and I can just help you to find the right one.

  • Step 4.1# Prepare USB
    • First of all download Rufus (just google it), you will need this to make ur USB to a FAT32 and FreeDos type.
    • Put ur USB-Stick in ur PC and open Rufus.
    • Just change the red marked options to FreeDos and FAT32 and click on start (in the spoiler) (everything will get deleted on the USB STICK!!)
  • Step 4.2# Download Flash utilities
    • This is different for everyone because it depends on ur CPU
    • Type in Google: Lenovo ThinkCentre (ur CPU) Flash Bios Update. I have Ryzen 2600 5 so I typed Lenovo ThinkCentre Ryzen 2600 S Flash bios Update.
    • So I use the ThinkCentre M725s but it also worked with the M715s for me so u can try this one as well.
      After this download:
  • this and extract it in ur USB Stick (all files)
  • You will have a File named AMIDEDOS.EXE or AMIDEWINx64.EXE make sure u have one of those.
  • This is how it has to look like you can have AMIDEWIN or AMIDEEFI instead of AMIDEDOS:
Step 5# Reinstall Windows
  • Type in the Windows search bar ,, reset windows”
  • Follow the steps in the spoiler:

Download Windows from the cloud

reset all files (u will lose everything so be careful)

  • Step 6# After installing Windows update ur drivers and do the windows updates
    • I think I don’t have to explain this one.
  • Step 7# Flashing ur SerialNumber (UUID) and Baseboard (BS) (MOST IMPORTANT PART)
    • Restart ur PC and go to Bios Menu (I have to click F11, sometimes it also DEL)
    • In the bios, menu try to boot from ur USB-Stick
    • Now type AMIDEDOS.EXE and replace it with AMIDEWINx64.EXE if u have this and not AMIDEDOS. One of them.
    • Type: AMIDEDOS.EXE /SU /BS to see ur current UUID and BS
    • Type: AMIDEDOS.EXE /SU auto to generate a new UUID (auto only works with /SU)
    • Type: AMIDEDOS.EXE /BS and 16 different numbers and letters from A-F and 1-6. Example:
  • make sure u have 16 numbers/letters

The End
Restart PC, Install Valorant, and play on a new account!
Dont log into ur banned account otherwise u have to do everything again.

Tutorial to change ur UUID and BS without USB Stick: (Usually this method wont help but you can still try cuz its easier)

DOWNLOAD THIS and do extract only!

Extract the files in a new file you can name it “driver” and then open CMD

  • Type: AMIDEWINx64.EXE /SU AUTO for new SU.
  • and AMIDEWINx64.EXE /BS (16 random letters and numbers) for new BS
    Restart PC.
  • Normally your UUID and BS will get reverted with this method and not with the USB method but for some it could work.

I did this 5 times now and I got unbanned 5 times.
If you have trouble with the flashing part / usb stick part I can help you, but make sure you reinstalled windows and you did the other steps.

At first time I did this after 2-3 hours. Now Im able to unban myself in 1-2 hours with Windows reinstalling.

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